Pipelines, Pipe Bursting and Tunneling

Ark Contracting Services has completed a number of large diameter water, storm and sewer pipelines and installed a number of pipelines in conjunction with our completed projects. ACS currently is constructing piping systems for heavy/highway and utility applications including storm water drainage, water, sewer, and containment piping systems and tunneling. Ark Contracting has the capacity to perform in house pipe bursting of both water and sewer systems. Ark is currently a Joint Venture Partner on the $150 Million IPL 12/13 and Midlothian Balancing Reservoir Project construction 75,000 lineal feet of 120”/108” welded steel pipeline and 200 Acre water reservoir.

Earthwork / Wet Ground Projects

Ark Contracting Services has completed a number of major earthwork projects as Ark and other entities. The size and scope vary from a few thousand cubic yards to in excess of 500,000 cubic yards. Ark owns the majority of the equipment used to construct these projects including dams, levees, site fills, wet ground excavations and rock excavation.

Gabion / Rock Rip Rap Projects

Ark Contracting Services has completed more than 350 total major gabion projects while operating under the various entities.  Mark North has been published in trade journals featuring his projects on Gabion Construction.A listing of the major projects can be furnished if desired. ACS management has completed over a quarter of million cubic yards of gabion and riprap structures.

Concrete Structures

Ark Contracting Services is currently contracting and constructing heavy/ highway structures including bridges, culverts, retaining walls, box culverts, channel linings, pumping stations treatment plants, and Portland cement plants.

Treatment Plants, Pump Stations, Chemical Plants and Solids Separation Operations

Ark Contracting Services has extensive treatment plant and pumping station construction experience. The work history dates back to 1979 in the DFW area with over 40 completed major treatment plant and pump station projects. Their background additionally includes the management of the design, construct and operation of a number of solids separation facilities including the City of Ft. Worth’s 140 dry ton per day Biosolids operations for over 10 years as well as a fleet of portable dewatering plants. Chemical plant operations include the management of the design, construction and operation of a 200 dry ton per day aluminum sulfate plant and on-site with Dow Chemical Corporation.

A contractor for Ark Contracting Services operating a front-end loader for a civil engineering project in the Dallas / Fort Worth, TX area.