Johnson Creek excavation, an environmental project done by Ark Contracting Services LLC for the city of Ft. Worth, TX.

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Turtle Creek Mechanical Dredging Project

This project consisted of dewatering Turtle Creek then removing the accumulated silt deposits. This included catch and release of aquatic wildlife.
Ark Contracting Services performing an excavation in a neighborhood in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area in Texas.

Standing Wave Removal

We partnered with the City of Dallas Parks and Recreation Department for the removal of the whitewater kayak coarse in the Trinity River.
Ark Contracting Services performing an environmental engineering project for the City of Dallas in Texas.
This complex project required Ark Contracting Services (ACS) to sub-aqueously remove the existing structural elements without dewatering the Trinity River.
Our team is committed to maintaining the integrity of the support structure by partnering with a team of engineers, the Corps of Engineers and the City of Dallas.

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Other Contracting Projects

We have served our customers in numerous aqueous, environmental and subterranean civil engineering projects. Whether you are in the private or public sector, we would love to discuss how to provide you with structures that will last.

Pipelines, Pipe Bursting and Tunneling

Installation of below-ground pipes, one of the contracting projects completed by Ark Contracting Services in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area of Texas.

Earthwork & Wet Ground Projects

A road crew of Ark Contracting Service's working on a subterranean civil engineering contract project.

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